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Mirebalais is a town about 35 miles outside of Port au Prince. It's a beautiful little town that is growing, perhaps due to the addition of newly paved roads in and out of the town, and ready access to electricity. There is a large square in the middle of town where young residents gather for a concert on almost a nightly basis.

Here's a photo of the town square from the hotel doorstep. Young men with motorcycles line up, waiting for odd jobs carrying people/goods in/around the area on their bikes.

The people in Mirebalais are warm and friendly. Despite many hardships, including some brought on by the presence of outsiders like the recent Cholera outbreak (just up-river from town!) everyone was incredibly welcoming to us. I enjoyed many conversations with the townspeople - I think they were as excited to practice their English as I was to practice my Kreyol!

Although the land is mostly stripped of its original tropical forest, the countryside is still quite beatiful. This photo (below) was taken from the roof of our hotel.

Banana and mango trees, corn, sugar cane, and beans are often planted in various pockets along the land. Walking along the river in Mirebalais, crops of tomatoes, squash, and beans are poked into the river shoals, often right in the middle of well-worn footpaths used by a number of the townspeople.

A common footpath sees occasional motorbike traffic as well.