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Computer Lab

A few years ago we successfully launched a computer lab at the CAPROFORS vocational school. The lab consists of approximately 15 laptop computers, a wireless router, and a cellular internet link.

Within a single week, James Nickols, his son James, and I were able to successfully configure the computer lab. During the week, we trained two key individuals at the school. Cyrille (a student) and Banabe (a teacher) both attended the build-out and helped to configure and to administer the lab.

Both Cyrille (Kiki) and Banabe had some prior computer experience but computer networking experience was new to both, so it was a great opportunity to work with them on this topic.

Below is Chantal, the school director, introducing the nursing students to the lab:

Here's another photo, this time with another group of students.

Students using the computer lab

Here are Kiki and Banabe working on the computers in the lab: