Mirebalais is a mid-sized city about 35 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince. It is home to a new hospital and several schools, including CAPROFORS, a vocational school that aims to provide valuable technical skills to the citizens of Haiti.

Vocations studied at the school include:
  • Nursing
  • Agriculture
  • Animal/Veterinary Care
  • Computers
  • Accounting
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing

Many of the school's activities are funded through the efforts of the Lake Country Rotary Club and the Lake Country Foundation of Hartland, Wisconsin.

The organization seeks to improve the quality of living of Haitians by providing access to a variety of essential resources and services, including: education, water filtration technology, eyeglasses, and medical/dental care.

Our Role

Last year, Katie spent one week co-teaching essential veterinary skills in Mirebalais, with a primary focus on field diagnosis and treatment. Katie hopes to repeat this effort this year, focusing this time on lectures and labs in large animal and poultry medicine.

This year, Andrew is attending as well. Although the town of Mirebalais has several locations where internet access is possible, the CAPROFORS vocational school itself lacks funding and equipment necessary to provide internet access directly to its students and faculty.

Andrew's goal this year is to equip the school with enough equipment and funding to launch a self-sustainable internet-ready classroom at the school, providing CAPROFORS and its students access to the wealth of knowledge available on the internet.